Music Education Consultant

Music Education Consultant

Music Education ConsultantMusic Education ConsultantMusic Education Consultant

About Maria A. Ellis

My Background


 Music Educator, Choral Conductor,  with over 20 years of choral music experience.  I have been called a Master Educator and a Force of Nature by Dr. Jim Henry, University of Missouri- St. Louis.  I hold a B.M. in Music Education emphasis on Voice (K-12 Certified) Degree from the University of Missouri- St. Louis. 

  I have served as the Arts and Administrative Fellow for The St. Louis Symphony and I currently serve as the Community Engagement Manager for The St. Louis Children’s Choirs.  I am the Founding Conductor of The Sheldon Concert Hall and Art Galleries' newly formed City of Music All-Star Chorus. 

Sharing My Passion


I LOVE music!  I love the sound of the choir, the orchestra, the band and individual singers. Music is a powerful tool that unites us all.  When we are singing in a choir or playing in a band, our difference do not matter.  Our goal at that moment is to make beautiful sounds.  That is the power of music!  My gift to the world is to unite all of us through love and music!! 

A Song Just for You!


If you want to sing just like Beyonce or Taylor Swift, I am not for you!  I want to hear and work with your unique sound.  I will customize voice lessons for you!  

Voice lessons include helping you find your range, teaching proper posture, and making sure you know how to breathe correctly to avoid vocal damage.

 I am well-versed in multiple genres of music including classical, musical theater, a cappella, gospel, and various other genres.

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