Music Education Consultant

The Note Rap

 This video teaches beginning music readers how to identify various note types including whole notes, half notes, quarter notes and eighth notes.  This catchy rap will have you learning notes in no time.

Raindrops Warm UP

This warm up has become a favorite of mine- inspired by a song that was featured on The Barney the Dinosaur Show.  I use this as a warm up, brain break or just a transition song.  This song features The Sheldon's City of Music All-Star Chorus.

Marvelous Warm-up

This SATB warm up works for all choirs.  It has a gospel feel and I teach all 4 parts.  This is a good one!  Visit the shop section to get access to the score.

Bach and Beyonce' Presentation

This presentation discusses how to use contemporary music examples to teach general music, music history and music theory in the classroom.  Your students will love connecting with music they already know and love.  Make sure you visit my Shop to DOWNLOAD the slides for the presentation.

The Posture Rap

Do your students keep forgetting to stand and sing with good posture?  The Posture Rap is a fun way to help your students remember how to stand and get ready for singing.  Created by Rollo Dilworth,  The Posture Rap is a staple in my lessons.

The Moose Song

Here is choral warm-up that works with all age groups. Have fun improvising this camp favorite with a new groove.

Lean Forward Lean Backwards

Fun energetic song to get the choir moving.  Warm up can include modulations and tempo can be changed.

Oh Lord We Praise You Warm Up

This song is EASY! Great for your school choir or church choir.  It features modulations and an optional lead singer. Have fun with this one!!