Music Education Consultant



Individual Voice Lessons

Are you preparing for an upcoming performance? Maybe you have been asked to sing at a wedding or  you just landed a solo for your choir?  Let me work with you!  I will work with you on your song and offer tips to take the song to next level!



Guest Clinician

The saying, " 2 heads are better than 1!" is extremely relevant in the music world.  Bringing in a clinician allows your choir to have a fresh set of ears listening to them.  Clinicians can offer a variety of new warm-ups, techniques, and musicianship.  I would love to clinic your choir and prepare you for your next concert, event or worship service.  


Let's Sing! Choral Workshops

These fun and energetic workshops are packed with loads of information including music reading, music listening sessions, warm-ups, vocal health, arranging your choir to get the best sound and more!   Contact Maria for a customized workshop for your choir!

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